Asis Vaarta – July 2015 Edition


We are pleased to Publish Asis Vaarta(In-house journal of Asis Group) [Vol:1 Issue:1 July 2015]

Sustainability & CSR

To meet the objective of National Forest Policy 1988 through Agro forestry and address to the significant extent the present challenges of ecological security, rural development, prevention of deforestation, increasing the income of farmers.

To facilitate employment to rural and urban population through industrial consumption of agro plantation, skill development, make-in-India, import substitution and exports.

Enabling  non  forest land  to withstand  extreme weather events  such as flood, drought  and  climate changes  and enhance  live-hood opportunities to small farmers in rural area

 PDF-Icon Asis Vaarta [Vol:1 Issue:1 July 2015]

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