Femina Miss India Bhiwandi Showroom Visit

On the 25th of July, 2010 red carpets were laid out for the impending visit of the three of the most beautiful women from Femina Miss India.

All three had a date with the most beautifully crafted ASIS Modular Home Furniture. This event was later to be telecasted on the ZOOM television channel, including the interview of Mr. Rakesh Agarwal.
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Asis Design Warz

The ASIS DESIGN WARZ India’s first show for the Architects and Interior design students in the reality show format was aired on the popular entertainment channel ZOOM on Friday and Saturday. The grand finale took place in Pune and the winners were felicitated by Mr. Hariram Agarwal, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal & Mr. Sarvesh Agarwal. The tasks to the contestants were:

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