CSR (Corporate Sustainability Responsibility)

Our Mission is – ``AAO GHAR SAVAREE``

Shirdi Industries Ltd. is a Venture of Asis Group has committed itself to the journey of continuous improvement to become a more sustainable company. Shirdi Industries Ltd. has aligned its key business strategies to address the triple bottom line of sustainability whereby environmental and social aspects of doing business are also integrated into the culture of the company. As a part of journey towards Sustainability, we aims to move beyond regulatory compliance and be guided by its Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR)

Shirdi Industries Ltd. recognizes its responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment and our community for future generations. We understand that the long-term well-being of society, the well-being of our employees, the strength of the global economy, and the continued success of our business, depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment.

This policy reaffirms and strengthens our commitment to sustainable business practices, including compliance with regulations as well as with the internal policies outlined in this document that guide our performance in those respective areas. We expect all of our employees, officers, and directors to adhere to these policies in carrying out their duties for Shirdi Industries Ltd.

Statement for Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to regulatory compliance to all local, state level and National Level laws and regulations. Neither Asis Group nor any of its representatives has been found guilty of criminal violations pertaining to environmental, health and safety, or labour regulations at the local, state or national level for any of its work place.


Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Asis Group is complying with ISO 14001-2004 standards. We are committed to continually improve our Environmental, Quality, Occupational Health and safety management system.

We shall strive to:

  • Practice pollution prevention systems
  • Conserve key resources like water, fuel, energy and raw materials such as wood derivatives, steel etc. by optimizing its use
  • Monitor and reduce the effect of fumes, dust and noise level in the ambient air
  • Maximize recycling and reuse the waste and scrap generated
  • Dispose of inevitable waste in an environment friendly manner
  • Minimize hazards and risks associated with all operations in compliance with environmental, occupational health and safety practices

We shall abide by this policy, by periodically reviewing our objectives and involving interested parties as applicable.
We shall comply with relevant local, national legislations / regulations and any other requirements applicable to us.

Design for Environment Policy

Asis Group for all its products is committed to using the principles and strategies of Design for Environment to reduce the negative environmental footprint of its products
As per the policy, for all new products Asis Group is committed to
Meet the objective of National Forest Policy 1988 through Agro forestry and address to the significant extent the present challenges of ecological security, rural development, prevention of deforestation, increasing the income of farmers.
Facilitate employment to rural and urban population through industrial consumption of agro plantation, skill development, make-in-India, import substitution and exports.
Enabling non forest land to withstand extreme weather events such as flood, drought and climate changes and enhance live-hood opportunities to small farmers in rural area

  • Preferred use of renewable and recycled materials.
  • Evaluate all raw materials, to improve their recyclability and biodegradability.
  • Evaluate water and energy usage pattern for all in-house processes.
  • Consider and reduce use of chemicals listed in Asis Furniture LLP Chemicals of Concern List.
  • Provide design considerations to reduce the environmental impact at the end of life.