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For ASIS Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and that of the local community and society at large.

Health Care Support

ASIS believes that a Company is a family, a group of Professionals working together in harmony at all levels and grades and so it’s the top Priority of the Company to take the greatest care of its most valuable asset.

Healthcare is recognized as a segment that requires attention. ASIS decided to take necessary steps to address this issue by providing requisite healthcare support. We have taken active measures to keep our employees healthy and safe. We provide basic diagnostic, medical and counseling services to the rural population. We also support many dispensaries around our industrial area. We support different associations, organizations and charitable institutions by providing sponsorship for various activities and initiatives taken for weaker sections and children in the hilly areas. These are part of the way in which ASIS extends its corporate mandate beyond the ordinary.

Education Initiatives

ASIS is proud to be associated with several NGO’s and organizations who are involved in integrated & holistic development of rural & tribal India. ASIS seeks to empower the village community for its own self-development through five verticals of Functional Education, Healthcare Education, Development Education, Empowerment Education and Ethics &Value Education

Holistic development of villages through empowerment of tribal and rural communities in India with basic education, digital literacy, Skill development, health awareness, learning modern and productive agricultural practices and rural entrepreneurship is the goal ASIS is looking forward with in association with few such institutions and organizations.

Environment Conservation

By this statement, we not only mean to imbibe the value of safeguarding and beautifying your world through quality products, but we also imply to take care and conserve the environment because after all, looking at the larger picture, the planet is our home. This is why we believe in the motto of – AaoGharSavaarein! 

Quality Environment

  • Pollution prevention systems
  • Conserving key resources like water, fuel, energy and raw materials such as wood derivatives, steel etc. by optimizing its use
  • Monitoring and reduce the effect of fumes, dust and noise level in the ambient air
  • Maximizing recycling and reuse the waste and scrap generated
  • Disposing inevitable waste in an environment-friendly manner 
  • Minimizing hazards and risks associated with all operations in compliance with environmental, occupational health and safety practices

Design for Environment Policy

  • Evaluate all raw materials, to improve their recyclability and biodegradability
  • Evaluate water and energy usage pattern for all in-house processes
  • Consider and reduce use of chemicals listed in Asis Furniture LLP Chemicals of Concern List
  • Provide design considerations to reduce the environmental impact at the end of life

Beautify The Planet

The World isn’t just our planet, it’s our home. Here hope speaks the language of love, emotions take the form of relationship and strength stands for beauty.

We truly mean ‘AAO GHAR SAVAAREIN’. That not just includes our home but the entire planet as a whole. It is this value that inspires ASIS to not only adhere strictly to all prescribed environmental norms but go a step beyond compliances and bring about a positive change in the environment through ecological improvement. 

We encourage Plantation and development of “Green Belts” inside our premises as well as in the neighborhood. Moreover we also encourage to plant fast-growing species of trees on infertile hill slopes with the aim of regenerating the land. In a short span of time, the plants grew into trees which the farmers collected and sold as hardwood to industries. The initiative helps farmers to earn extra income alongside agricultural activities. It is also instrumental in solving issues such as soil erosion, land degradation, forestation in non-forest areas and utilization of waste and degraded land.