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Using a unique technology wherein special resins are used to provide extra strength to the laminates, ASIS Laminates are highly scratch and abrasion resistant. The wide and exquisite range of ASIS laminates distinguishes itself with their greater color fastness and best bonding properties as compared to the alternatives available in the market.

ASIS Decorative Laminates

ASIS Decorative Laminates are made by  giving a hard base  to lamination papers with melamine  resins and thereby increasing  life of the paper  which in turn  safeguard  the colour  and brightness  of the Paper . Combined with an enviable abrasion resistance, our decorative laminates ensure long durability to the life of the colour and bonding. 

ASIS Post Forming Laminates

ASIS  Post  Forming  Laminates  are intended  to use  on interior  surface  where it is  necessary  that the  laminate rolls in sample  radius  over the substrate. These can be bent without losing  the grain  or pattern and with a  range of  wood grains  and  solid  shades  those  curves  you are looking  for  will definitely  reveal  the amazing  aesthetics  you have planned for. It  mainly used  for  counters, desktop, cabinets and  drawer panels.

ASIS Compact Laminates

ASIS Compact Laminates composition allows drilling, machining, sawing and chiseling. It is ideal  for partitions, paneling, Lab furniture, Worktops, modular  restroom cubicles and also ideal  for both  horizontal and  vertical applications  where the  surface  should be functional, durable and  decorative.  The product is produced under strict process control parameters and available in various thicknesses.

ASIS Fire Retardant Laminates

ASIS Fire Retardant Laminates are designed for applications requiring flame and smoke resistance. Keeping your interiors safe is one of the most important things to consider while planning them. Not just beautiful, these laminates guarantee a more secured environment. They are treated with imported fire retardant chemicals that delay the temperature rise, making it more resistant to fire. They can be safely utilized on surface on Kitchens, Cinema halls, Malls etc.

ASIS Marker Grade Laminates

ASIS Marker Grade Laminates provide solution to your Board Room presentations. The white marker grade laminates has excellent properties of stainless writing and rubbing and this ideally replaces the black board, oil painted white boards & acrylic sheets etc. ASIS Marker Grade Laminates can be used extensively in Schools, Colleges, Banks, Railway Stations, Bus Stands, Restaurants, tuition classes and other public places. The writings look very sharp in appearance as compared to other kind of boards. For excellent result white board writing markers are recommended.

ASIS Cladding Exterior Grade Compact Laminates

ASIS Cladding Exterior Grade Compact Laminates has been built with the superior external cladding technology which makes the exteriors endurable to the core and helps it withstand the impact of changing weather conditions. The top of the clad is coated with “highly UV absorber enriched Polyurethane (PU) which absorbs much higher quantity of UV rays as compared to the conventional film pressing clad, keeping intact the color and shade of the laminates. This layer makes it scratch and abrasion resistant making it durable against all weather conditions.

The available range of ASIS Laminates comprises

1mm Laminates | 0.8mm Laminates | Monocore | Specialty Laminates

Key Features

Extra Strength



Greater Bonding

Long Durability

Highly Decorative


ASIS Laminates are especially suited for Home Furniture items, Wall lining, Doors, Shelves, Table Top, Cubicles, Counters, Store fittings, Office partitions, Storage units, Wardrobes.

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