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With a wide applicability on almost all types of interior surfaces, ASIS’ Particle Boards are highly versatile. At ASIS, we produce the best quality of pre-laminated and plain particle boards that suit your varied requirements. Our Grade I boards are best suited for applications where humidity is high while our Grade II boards are suited well for interior use. Thanks to our expertise and the use of latest European Technology, we are able to cater to various size and application requirements with great finesse. Our sophisticated impregnation line along with our in-house resin manufacturing helps make our boards far more superior to the rest. Our particle boards conform to BIS standards and bear the ECO MARK of quality.

ASIS Particle Boards are available in custom sizes if ordered in bulk.

Key Features

Vast Applicability


Eco Mark Standard

BIS Mark Standard

Superior Quality

Excellent Bonding

Free from Warpage and Peeling


Panel doors and flush doors


Wall Paneling


Display Boards




Sofa Sets

Computer Table

Book Selves