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PVC products are notorious for containing a toxic amount of lead – a particulate matter known to be carcinogenic if ingested or inhaled! We at Shirdi Industries Ltd have thus taken a conscious, and conscientious, decision to ensure that our product, ASIS PVC Boards are made free of lead – thereby setting new standards in the market and aptly called ASIS Lead-Free PVC Boards. These are also free from other heavy metals such as Cadmium and Mercury. Our PVC boards are made from a harmonious mix of PVC and Calcium Carbonate, giving you a high screw holding capacity and no brittleness. The polyvinyl chloride used to manufacture these boards is procured from our certified & empanelled vendors after a due diligence has been done for their reliability and adherence to international standards of quality.

To top all this – ASIS Lead-free PVC Boards come with a lifetime guarantee against moisture and termite, thus making them a vastly superior and value for money product!
Size (mm)Thickness (mm)Density (gm/cm3)
1220 * 244010.8 - 0.9
20.7 - 0.9
3 to 50.5 - 0.7
6 to 180.4 - 0.7
19 to 240.5 - 0.75
25 to 300.55 - 0.7


The ADD ON COLLECTION is our latest offering in ASIS Lead-free PVC boards – with a plethora of colours and shades for you to choose from! These are low foam, high-density PVC boards coloured with a matte finish that is tough and versatile enough for most applications, available in 10 colours, and a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The matte surface is the perfect substrate for UV printing, laminating, vinyl lettering and forming projects. The ADD ON COLLECTION PVC Boards can be sawed, drilled, bent and fabricated using ordinary carpentry tools. These can be used for interior and limited exterior applications.

ADD ON COLOURS COLLECTION comes with unique features like 100 % waterproof, 100 % termite-proof, and free from heavy metals like Lead, Mercury and Cadmium. It contains Virgin PVC to avoid any brittleness, is fire retardant and self-extinguishing, and has a similar surface finish and colour on both sides of the sheet. The matte surface is ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyl, has ease of fabrication with ordinary carpentry tools and easily bonds to similar material and many other materials too!

Key Features

Water & Moisture Proof

Termite & Pest Proof

No Shrinking & Swelling

Fire Retardant

Borer Proof

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

Sprinter Free

Maintenance Free

Environment Friendly

Smooth Surface

Outdoor Adaptability

Gluing & Lamination

Weather & Ageing Resistant

Good Thermal Insulation

Good Sound Insulation

Highly Suitable For Printing & Lacquering

Suitable For Film Or Photo Lamination

Interior Applications

Modular Kitchen


Wardrobe & Bed

Home & Office Furniture

Bathroom Cabinet

Ceiling Solution

Wall Paneling

Hospital Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

Exterior Applications


Shuttering Boards

Exterior Wall Cladding

Garden Furniture & Fencing

Pre – Fabricated House